I am a mobile and web developer with over 10 years of experience. Currently, I’m specializing in mobile development (both native and cross-platform), but I was working as a frontend and backend developer as well, so I know the development process from each side.

I’m working as a Head of Mobile Development at Mews, so creating the architecture, code reviewing, mentoring, and integrating best practices is a part of my everyday job.

Currently, I’m mainly interested in Flutter. We have an application written in Flutter that is successfully running in production for more than a year.

If you need help with defining the right architecture for your mobile app (both from back-end and front-end sides) or looking for a mentor / code reviewer, feel free to contact me in LinkedIn or Twitter (or book me at Mentoring Club) and let’s have a talk.

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My talks

  1. Building Kiosk app: tips and tricks

    At droidCon Berlin 2019 I was talking about our way to create a kiosk application for Android: what problems we’ve run into and how we solved them, what you should take into account when building kiosk app.

  2. Intro to Flutter

    Online talk about types of cross-platform mobile frameworks & what place Flutter takes among them, as well as reasons to choose Flutter for your next project.

  3. 1 year in production with Flutter: lessons learned

    Talk at DartUp 2020. Our way to structure the app (BLoC + immutability + Clean Architecture principles), which libraries we’ve found useful (freezed, flutter_bloc, rxdart and others), what practices work better within a team (custom analysis options, code style), which problems we were solving (UI tests, CI integration, error reporting).

My articles

  1. Flutter: how to draw text along an arc
  2. Flutter for Web: is it a killer of React?
  3. Intro to Flutter: a practical guide to cross-platform development
  4. UI tests in Flutter with Azure Pipelines
  5. 13 Reasons Why Dart Is Worse Than Kotlin
  6. 1 year in production with Flutter: lessons learned
  7. Storybook + Flutter = storybook_flutter